A yarn is tangled
A yarn is knitted
A yarn is woven

Original fabric appears and functions born. A surface that captures wind.

With its beauty it wraps people. With its grace, it wraps movements.

Aneqdot that creates a little mores miles, and a little more richness in everyday life. To add these ”little more’s”.

Fumi Hottaの手によってひとつひとつ創りあげられた、一点一点が異なる作品。世界にひとつのものを身近に置く豊かさをお届けします。

Each piece is made by textile designer Fumi Hotta herself.

Each piece is different work, yet each piece connected through Fumi Hotta’s hand and dedication to the world of textile.

Own and use your very own special item, with a little bit of happiness and luxury that no other identical piece exists.

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